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Our journey into video production started in sports. Long before we'd made our first music video, we were producing videos for sports clubs, retailers and brands. Fast forward a few years and we are now able to deliver video content of the highest quality, thanks to the skills we have honed while working on the sets of high end music videos. Whether you are looking for a video to tell the world about your brand, or a complete video content strategy to help market your business to a new audience, Daedalus will work with you to produce videos that execute the brief and deliver outstanding value for money. 


So you want to tell the world about your brand? There is no better way to showcase your brand and tell the world 'who you are' and 'what you do' than creating a brand video. A good brand video is a fantastic tool for growing your brand and taking your business to the next level. 


Almost every sports club on the planet wants to grow their membership and increase visitors. A well-produced video is an extremely effective way of doing that; in two short minutes a video can tell website visitors exactly what makes your club so special. Unlike words and photographs, videos can create feeling and emotional connection, which are extremely powerful tools for engaging with customers.

Daedalus can also help you to create a video content strategy to market your club on the best known social media platforms. Social content is the best way to communicate directly and regularly to a younger audience.


Showing your product in its best light can be a challenge but, with the online retail market growing exponentially over the past decade, having high quality videos and photos of your products on your website has never been so important. 

Whether you are a brand or retailer, Daedalus have the tools and skills to make your product look its best on screen.

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